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We specialize in Hymen Repair, Labial reduction, Vaginal surgery, as well as sexual enhancement procedures!

With the most experienced surgeons on board, finest hospitals centrally located on the prestigious Harley Street and your own Exclusive VIP Patient Manager, your Hymen Repair surgery will be delivered with the utmost comfort, safety, and care.   

Hymen Restoration is a day case procedure and takes about 40 min. No pain is involved and you will be able to walk immediately after the procedure while going back to office work might take additional day or two. However, the healing process takes up to six weeks.


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If you are traveling from abroad, let us take care of every element of your visit Including transport needs, accommodation, discreet entry, and departure from the hospital where your operation will take place, and preparing your private outpatient room according to your exact requirements.

Hymen Repair Prices:  

Hymen Repair Prices in London are based on the surgeon's experience, quality of the Anaesthetic used, Hospital facilities, patient services, post-operative care and success rate. Reputable Clinics with experienced surgeons and CQC regulated Hospitals might charge anything between  £2950 - £3950   

Usually, cheap hymen repair surgery means discomfort and low standard with possible complications. When you are looking for ANY type of cosmetic surgery including hymen repair, please bear in mind that surgeon's experience, safety, quality, comfort, discretion, post-operative care and premium patient services are values you should be looking for.