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Female Confidential Clinic takes care of all your Vaginal aesthetic surgery needs starting from Labial reshape and reduction, Vaginal tightening, Vaginal rejuvenating as well as Designer Vagina and other sexual enhancement treatments and procedures, while Hymen Clinic is specifically created with the goal in mind to help, support and care for women in need, taking into account their cultural and religious background.

Many patients came to us in need to enhance sexual gratification ( tightening of the vagina) as well as to improve her partner's sexual experience, especially after the childbirth, which causes muscles to stretch and the walls of the vagina become looser. While Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery is mainly designed to tighten the inner Vagina, Labial will address the aesthetic appearance of the Vaginal lips, which usually improves femininity and boost confidence.   

However, our Hymen Clinic in London takes care of the girls who lost their hymen either by accident, ( horseback riding, biking, gymnastics, strenuous sports, fall ..., etc.) inserting tampons, masturbating or hymen was broken due to sexual intercourse. Even though the hymen, either broken hymen or intact, is unrealistic proof of Virginity, for many countries and cultures around the world is still the most traditional indicator of Virginity and it is taken very seriously.

Some patients came to our Hymen Clinic in London who lost their hymen due to long term relationship and needed total hymen reconstruction, while many came to repair hymen which is lost due to an accident or other traumatic experience which is not of their fault,  leaving them very anxious and distress. With these ladies, traces of hymen could still be there, but due to a damaged or broken hymen, a simple surgical procedure -Hymen Repair- could be the best solution. 

In some cases, the hymen can be just stretched but still intact.   

If you are unsure about the condition of your hymen, please arrange totally private and confidential check up with our clinic.  

 We feel very proud to be able to help these girls 'leaving the past in the past'  and helping them to move forward with a better self-esteem.

In addition to surgical part of Hymen Repair operation, Anna Camilleri ( the founder of the clinic) is fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist who helps patients overcome Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,  as well as help with Confidence Building, Motivation, and Relationships.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer Hymen Operation free of charge. However, same savings and discounts are available on selective dates, so please do inquire about special offers.

Patient help line: 0845 299 7774

If you are travelling from abroad, and you feel that you might need more assistance, please inquire about our PREMIUM PACKAGE.

We understand you expect the utmost in privacy, safety, and discretion and our Exclusive Bespoke Patient Services will not fail to deliver.

We handle Hymen reconstructive surgery with the utmost confidentiality and patient’s details will not be made available to the third party.

Most of our patients using a different name for additional peace of mind.

Our Medical Team

All our patients receive the most exclusive, personal and confidential approach and ongoing support after surgery.

We offer strictly one to one services from your very first inquiry. All our patients have the privilege to access 24/7 personal phone line and online support dedicated helping you to forget your troubles, problems, and worries, and enjoy your future after hymen surgery with inner calmness and freedom from stress, strain or fears.

Anna and her specialist team will seamlessly take care of every element of your visit, including transport needs, discreet entry and departure from our building and prepare your private consultation room according to your exact requirements.

We greatly value our customers and believe in offering informed, educated personal guidance every step of the way. Before you make a choice to undergo Hymen Surgery, we invite you for an initial consultation in the utmost privacy.


VIP Patient Manager / Cosmetic Surgery Coach and Therapist - Anna Camilleri 

For the past 15 years, Anna has helped over 2,000 hymen surgery patients gain greater confidence by eliminating their stress, strain and fears. Many patients have flown in from the Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai), Asia and Europe specifically to see Anna, knowing they will receive a guaranteed Exquisite Service with the utmost in privacy and care.

Anna originally trained in Cosmetic Surgery/Patient Services while managing prestigious Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals in London. She has further developed her Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery and Patient Services by studying in the USA, having also attended four seminars and Cosmetic Surgery Symposiums both in the USA and Europe, attaining certificates in Advanced Education in Cosmetic Surgery and Medi- Spa, and becoming fully experienced in all facets of Operational Management. In 2006, Anna Camilleri became the founder and CEO of the first boutique style cosmetic surgery clinic in London’s prestigious Harley Street - MAYFAIR CLINIC.

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Anna Camillieri -Cosmetic Surgery Coach and Therapist

In 2008, Anna gained a Diploma in Fashion Styling & Image Consultancy. In 2011, she gained a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and also became a certified Reiki Healer. She is currently studying towards a Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology and Hypnotherapy at the University of West London.

During your consultation with Anna, she will advise you on choosing the right doctor and finding the best hospital, and selecting the most appropriate procedure. You will also have the chance to read testimonials from past patients, as well as the biographies our leading surgeons in the UK or abroad. All surgeons working with Anna are fully qualified and GMC-registered, and most you may have seen on TV.

Anna gets many calls from friends of patients asking her to coach them and help them turn the unknown and frightening experience into a relaxing and existing event.

Anna sees people from the UK and abroad, arranges privately-nursed and post-surgery treatments, and soothes patient anxiety with her calming, benevolent manner.

After your consultation with the surgeon, you will be able to speak directly with Anna at any time and ask any questions or share any thoughts you may have.

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