Frequently Asked Questions

THERE IS NO PAIN, DURING OR AFTER THE OPERATION. You may feel a bit of discomfort day after the operation, but you will be able to walk and go back to office work or lectures in a day or two after surgery.

You will be bleeding for few days after your operation, and it will look like a very light period with brown discharge. It can last for a week, and you may feel discomfort due to an unpleasant smell.

After the operation, you will be prescribed antibiotics, which you can start taking in case of infection. Hygiene must be on the high level after the surgery to avoid infection as well as right diet and vitamins.

You will have your post-operative check-up, week or two after the operation and this is optional.

I will be available for you as well as the surgeon at any time after the operation. You will have our personal mobile numbers for any concern you may have.

The only possible side effect in hymenoplasty could be an infection. To prevent infection, you would need to follow postoperative hygienic instruction and to take prescribed antibiotics.

Husband or a doctor cannot conclude a difference! Once hymen is recreated, stitches are dissolved, and hymen is looks and feels 100% natural !!!

It is very rare, but it is possible. To make sure you are suitable we take a blood test and fill up medical history. If you do not suffer from severe illness and your are in good health, and over 18, it should not be a problem.

No. Only if the patient was sexually active for many years, or was pregnant before, may request additional procedure: vaginal tightening as well as hymen repair.

Yes...We do have a waiting list. Typically our patients reserve the operation 3 -6 month in advance.

The more time you have, THE BETTER! Hymen repair is the permanent procedure and will last until hymen gets broken again.

Yes you can change your name and address for our records BUT not your date of birth, as we will not perform surgery on the patients under 18.

Things will be normal from the moment you have your first sexual experience: YOU WILL BLEED with a few drops during your first sexual intercourse and never again (only your period)

Definitely NOT!